Welcome to the UK Championships (2022)

Artists battle head-2-head in quick-fire 60 minute bouts to create an illustration inspired by a recent news headline. Watch the world’s top illustrators compete - witness a clash of styles as they battle to become no.1

UK Championships: Fri, Dec 16st - Sun, Dec 18th | ONLINE | Start time: 17:30 GMT

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More info and full DIGITAL player line-up coming soon!

Artists have 60 minutes to complete an A2 illustration inspired by a recent news headline. Stationery is restricted (8 pieces max) and colour palette must be black, white (greyscale permitted) plus a single colour. Our judges award points across the following criteria.

0-12 | Personality: Points awarded based on the injection of energy, dynamism and charisma.

0-12 | Interpretation: Points awarded based on a successful portrayal of the headline, witty, clever and original interpretations all secure high points.

0-12 | Narrative: Points awarded for successful ‘on-paper narrative’ between characters and other elements.

0-12 | Technical: Points awarded based on dexterity, understanding of light, composition, natural ability and talent.

0-2 | Social: On Insta @illustratedworldseries post head-2-head announcements in 'Stories' at the start of every Live Battle. These posts feature a 'Social Poll' widget giving viewers an opportunity to vote for their favourite. The stories last 1 hr 15 min (60 min battle duration and 15 min post-battle 'hang-time'). Links are provided within the announcement directing viewers to the Live Battle page and competitor profile pages to view both work-in-progress and finished pieces. After 1 hr 15 min the poll is closed.  The winner of the social vote is allocated 2 points, the loser 0. Vote for your favourite!

4 x Judges (3 x permanent 1 x daily guest) score across 4 x criteria (as listed in 'Rules'). An average score is then calculated (0/12) for each criteria. The social score is tabulated separately then added to the average scores giving a final score 0/50.

The highest scoring competitor moves into the next round, the loser is knocked out. If scorecards are tied the social score (S) will determine the winner of a battle. 1 x point is awarded for a WIN, 0 x points for a LOSS. A bonus point (BP) is awarded to competitors winning 4 x consecutive battles during a tournament. Points scored during a tournament contribute towards a competitor's overal Rankings Table position.

Every tournament has a leaderboard. Performance at this tournament contributes towards overall IWS ranking. When competitors have identical points (PTS) the 'Exit' value will determine hierarchy and position. The 'Exit' value reflects a competitor's most recently awarded scorecard (i.e when leaving/exiting the tournament). If 'Exit' scorecards are tied the social score (S) determines leaderboard position.

  • Pool: £2400

  • £1750 - Winner

  • £500 - Runner-up

  • £150 - Semi-finalists

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  • win percentage50%