News Story (16-05-21)
  • Watch The World Illustration Championships 2021

Enjoy the World Illustration Championships, August 20th - 22nd, taking place at Samsung KX, Kings Cross, London.

The Illustrated World Series (IWS) is behind a series of international tournaments propelling talented illustrators onto the world stage and they’re set to return this year. 

The tournament, split into Digital and Classic formats, sees artists battle head-to-head in 60 minute knockout bouts to create an illustration inspired by a recent news headline and progress through to the next round!  Stationery is restricted (8 pieces max) and the colour palette must be black, white, greyscale plus a single colour of their choice.

IWS is redefining creative entertainment, developing the world’s first major art-sports vertical by successfully digitising competitive creativity for the connected age.  Enjoy the world's fastest growing creative eSport, watch top illustrators compete and witness a clash of styles as they battle to become world No.1

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