• Animated IMRIE wins back-2-back UK titles

Crowd favorite and reigning Digital UK Champion @createdbyimrie (IMRIE) sought to become the first IWS player in history to double-down on last year’s achievement and secure back-2-back UK titles.

Heading into the Round 1 minefield his first opponent: ever-improving Italian artist @misterthoms was determined to shut him down.  On this occasion Thoms efforts would be in vain as IMRIE flew-out the blocks delivering a meandering composition laced with pop culture references as they illustrated against headline: CatCon 2022, The World’s Biggest Cat Convention Was A Lot. Here's What We Learned … Needless to say, IMRIE secured the round winning unanimously @ 43 V 39.5.

Day two’s quarter-finals offered a tantalizing showdown as IWS rockstar and one man personality cult @rodgontheartist brooded over the possibility of knocking out a reigning UK champ.  As the two heavyweights went head-2-head IMRIE stuck with his meandering style creating a brilliant comic panel to reflect the headline: Harry And Meghan Have Never Wanted Privacy. They Want Control … Complete with a steam-punk styled Prince dressed in a dog collar and ‘If Found Please Return’ post-it-note pinned to his chest! He dispatched his rival @ 42.25 V 39.5.

The Semi-final saw IMRIE square upto a ferociously on-form @stevenedleyart in one of the tournaments most hotly anticipated matchups.  After two blistering entries from Steve it would take something special from IMRIE to win.  Battling with headline Dyslexic Contractor Can Now Send Formal Emails To Clients Thanks To AI, Imrie sticking with his meandering frameworks utilized brazen ingenuity by animating his already ‘bustling’ composition in an IWS world first - never before seen in open-tournament play helping him edge past Steve 44.5 V 44 securing his place in the grand final.

Into the final and two titans remained: Reigning Digital UK Champ IMRIE faced off against reigning Digital Masters champion @killernapkins - both incredibly stylised and intelligent players whose styles couldn’t be more contrasting.  A tantalizing head-2-head played out in front of a record breaking audience with high expectations.  Working with headline FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange Implodes, Here's What You Need To Know it kicked off!  Both players with just an hour to prepare attacked the canvas hard but IMRIE pounced going all-in with yet another animation showcasing FTX HQ collapse and (Mexican based) SBF clutching a giant bag of cash.  IMRIE’s loyal base once again secured him the social vote while history was made with final scores tallied @ 43.5 V 41.

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